Film & Media Arts Magnet (FAM)

Magnet Advisor: Ms. Turcios

The Thomas Starr King Middle School Film & Media Arts Magnet will provide a diverse learning environment for interdisciplinary exploration in the cinematic arts; to engage individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds; to facilitate exploration of the broad potentials of cinematic arts as ubiquitous tools across multiple domains; to foster individual inquiry, high level collaboration and team-based media production; and develop imaginative critical thinkers who may become leaders in the field of cinematic arts.


  • To integrate cinematic arts as a tool to motivate and reinforce the adopted standards-based curriculum.
  • To provide students with an opportunity to participate in a multi-perspective approach to knowledge acquisition that focuses on a kinesthetic, rigorous, interdisciplinary, authentic, and project-based learning program that integrates the 21st century skills of technology and filmmaking in all subject areas.
  • To develop learners with higher-order thinking skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.
  • To provide an educational setting that balances the study of cinematic arts with inquiry that is conceptual, critical, social, cultural and historically informed.
  • To provide students an opportunity to engage in positive community interactions and service learning through film festival nights and other community gatherings.

An exciting promotional clip for King’s new Film & Media Arts Magnet!